Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the event start?

The half marathon will start at 9:00AM. The 10K will start at 9:35AM. Registration will open at 7AM, so please don’t arrive before this time. 

Where do I get my registration pack?

You will be expected to collect your registration pack on the day of the race. It will not be posted out to you. In order to allow time to do this, we reccomend arrival at least one hour before your race is due to start. Registration is officially open from 7AM. Please do not arrive before this time.

When will I receive more details about the race?

The race information will be emailed to in the week leading up to race day. 

Where is the nearest train station to the event?

Uxbridge Station. 

For directions, please visit: HERE

Can I park at the venue?

Yes, all parking is free on site at the venue.

Will I get a medal?

Yes! A custom themed medal will be given at the finish line..

Will I get an accurate time?

Yes the event will be accurately chip timed.

What does ‘chip timed’ mean?

A magnetic strip, (the chip), will be given to you, to attach to your shoe before the start of the run. Readers inside the start/finish mats report the time of day you crossed. Subtracting your finish time from your start time gives the timers your net time.

Who will be timing the event?

Event Chip Timing. To find out more about them, visit their website.

Is your question still not answered? Then contact us at events@activetrainingworld.co.uk

Quick Event Info

Hillingdon Half Marathon & 10K
Start Times:
Half Marathon: 9:00AM
10K: 9:35AM
Venue: Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge UB8 3PH
Organiser: ActiveTrainingWorld